Are You Worried About Your Child’s Handwriting?

Do They Struggle to Write Neatly or Quickly?

About the More Handwriting App – The award-winning app is a hybrid – paper and online – assessment tool for primary school children or older ones still struggling with writing. It lets you check if your child’s progress is the correct level of their year group, and we also provide a FREE step by step guide that can be used by all parents/caregivers who want the best possible results from this assessment.

The Science – Handwriting is a vital skill for every child to master. Some students struggle with messy or unformed handwriting, while others find it difficult to write quickly enough when they are not used too performing this activity on the spot . Research has shown that children who lack automaticity may also have difficulties communicating through written word.


  • Convenient and easy to administer “at home” handwriting assessment tool.
  • Get handwriting assessment results in 24 hours.
  • The ability to see where your child stands in terms of their handwriting development.
  • Lets parents check if their child’s handwriting progress is the correct level for their year group.
  • Feel reassured about your child’s handwriting development. 
  • Get a FREE step-by-step guide that you can use with your child to get them back on track.
  • Click here to purchase the More Handwriting App.

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