Early Writing Screener for Preschoolers

The Perfect Tool to Support Early Writing Skills

Is your two-year-old on track with their early writing milestones? Make sure they’re getting the best start possible with our Early Writing Screener.

The screener can help identify any potential delays in your child’s development and ensure they’re getting the support they need to succeed. Why risk your child’s future when you can take action now? Give them the gift of a great start with the Early Writing Screener.

The Science – The human language uses symbolic systems, such as writing, drawing, numbers and maps, to represent the world around us. Learning about these systems is an important developmental milestone for children. Without this knowledge of symbolic systems, you cannot thrive in literate societies [Robins & Treiman, 2009].

A preschooler’s scribbles are a window into understanding how children learn about symbolic systems like writing and drawing. We know that by the age of around 2 years and 8 months, a child begins to understand the outer forms of writing and the subtle differences between how we use writing and drawing to communicate. Remarkably, children learn this by themselves without being taught.

About the Early Writing Screener – The screener helps to identify preschoolers, who may need extra attention in developing their early understanding of writing. By analysing their drawings and scribbles, this check can tell which children have not grasped the concept of the outer form of writing and will need to be taught the differences between the symbolic systems used for writing and drawing.

The process is simple and can be done at home with the use of your phone. The child writes and draws some simple objects on paper. Photos are taken on your phone or scanned onto a PC, then uploaded to the Early Writing Screener for analysis. We will provide a report and guidance within 3 working days.


  • An essential tool for parents, carers and educators of preschoolers to track development. 
  • Can help identify if a child needs help with early writing development
  • You will have an accurate measure of the child’s early writing and literacy ability.
  • May help provide an early indicator of additional learning needs.
  • Gain reassurance that your child is on track or get help early if there are any concerns.
  • Purchase the Early Writing Screener. Only £39.99!

How Does the Early Writing Screener Work?

The Early Writing Screener in Action!

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